When we travel we have a destination in mind. Most of the time we are not just wandering and looking whatever we can find. We have a specific time table to arrive at a specific destination and we are usually a little behind, and so we rush. We don’t have time to stop and see everything and usually we just rush on toward our destination not thinking about he missed opportunities. We pass by so many things just because we are trying to get somewhere at a specific time.
As Jesus travelled from Jerusalem to Galilee he met people along the way. He noticed some that were suffering but many just came to Jesus to tell him of their faith in what he could do for them. They told him about sickness and troubles within their families. They were willing to talk about what was really wrong. They believed he could heal and he healed everyone that asked. He also taught many that were not sick but needed to know how to live better. They needed to know how to get along with each other and become better people who were closer to God.
Jesus noticed people. He was not in a hurry to get to a destination and missing people all along the way. He was not responsible for the people he didn’t meet, but he helped everyone who came to him. He took time for people. He knew where his final destination would be and he did as much good as he could along the way. He lived as an example to us. He knew about the cross and yet he did not let it consume him. He used what was coming to prepare his disciples to handle a difficult future by living each moment.
We all have a final destination, but what is most important is what we do along the way. Some people just lived for themselves.  People won’t seek us out like they did Jesus, but we still cross paths with many. Even if they are behind a mask it just means they are coping with the new disease. We can show the comfort and peace of Jesus. It is not about what might happen but how we treat people now that matters. We all face the same struggles of this life. Some do it better than others. Jesus showed us how to find the glory of God in the present distress. We can follow Jesus along the journey to an amazing destination with God.
Friday, August 21, 2020

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  1. LeeRoy & Emma Buchanan says:

    We have enjoyed and encouraged by your lessons we watch on Utube through the week.

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