Waiting has become a major part of our life. We have so many tools to make life faster, but we still end up waiting in line. We can scan products at the grocery store, so numbers don’t even need to be entered. We can do so many things online now. We can even order groceries online. We have had drive through “fast” food for a long time also. We still end up waiting in line at the drive up “fast” food place. It almost seems that the faster we can get at connecting, wireless, computer, drive through, the more we wait in line.
If God is the ultimate in Power and goodness why would anyone ever have to wait? God runs at better than gigabit speed with no wires or slow down or lack of power. If there are no bottlenecks in the transmission of prayers that could all be heard instantaneously by God, who could hear every conversation at once with no loss of understanding, why would we need to wait at any time ever with God? God goes from void to universe in seven statements, not seven days. In Genesis he only gives one statement a day so we can grasp the magnitude.  
Since we trust God to know what is best, we must need to wait because we need it. It isn’t that God can’t hear or doesn’t know. It isn’t an issue of faulty equipment like we have with our technical difficulties. Are there benefits in having to wait? Rushing into things can lead to the wrong decision. We may not know all the options at the time. We learn more when we see things clearly. Fasting is a way of waiting without food for an answer from God. Prayer is telling a God who knows everything what we see around us and forming a request. Study is looking intently into the word of God and life and understanding something we didn’t know before.
God is waiting on us. He is waiting for us to get quiet enough to hear him. We get too much noise and distraction until we can’t hear God. Would we make the right connection to God with an instantaneous answer? Would we appreciate the solution if we never experienced the problem because God intervened? Anytime we have to wait, we should ask, what are we supposed to learn or understand. We aren’t waiting on God. Use the time between to comprehend what an all-powerful instantaneous God is allowing us to see.
Friday, April 24, 2020

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