What Makes Us Content?

What makes us content? When we are a baby contentment is simple. We need food, to be warm, dry, and a nap. We don’t want much because we don’t know of anything. There is so little that we can do, that we are happy just to be anywhere and get some attention. We do need the attention and to feel like we are loved. Life is very simple and all we need to do is grow.
Life gets more complicated when we are able to do more. There are things to learn and people we need to meet. We see things, want things, and need to have things that are useful. That begins the lifelong struggle to get what we need, to be where we want, and do what we want. We pick the things we need, and we are content. It would be nice if we always wanted the same things and that was all, but as possibilities change our wants change as well. We may think there is something wrong with this, but it seems to be put within us. God’s creation was finished in six days, but it continued to grow and change. Not only did creation develop, we see we developed in our relationship with God also.
God made us to take care of his world and each other. We see that from the very beginning with Adam and Eve in the garden. They are given responsibility and a place where they can meet God. It is not just their world that they build for themselves, but a place where God is welcome and able to talk with them. They are innocent and have no sin and so their link with God is immediate. When they allow sin into their world they lose their connection with God.
Many generations later we find our selves in want of everything and in need of God. Contentment is in going further and faster than we did before. We have to keep in mind that where we began was in a place where we could talk with God. Just as God provided the garden, today Jesus provides a place where forgiven people can meet with God. In church we find a place to meet God and take care of each other. It is a place of growth and blessing. We begin as a new creation in Christ and develop the relationship of talking with God and encourage others. Contentment is found in this new relationship with God.   
Friday, April 16, 2021