Worth Keeping

We have noticed that things don’t last as long as they used to. The expectation and life expectancy of appliance, houses, cars and most anything we buy is fairly short. Many things are not mean to be fixed or repaired when the battery goes out. They are meant to be replaced by a new one. We don’t build things to last, we expect them to become obsolete and that a new better model will be offered rather than doing the same thing the old one did. We know the technology will be improved in the next few years. We want it faster, better and cheaper; we don’t want it to last forever.
If we are not happy with the one we have we can just get a new one. Unfortunately, that has come to mean friends and relationships that were meant to be long term. We seldom say “till death do us part” on anything. We aren’t going to live in the same house or keep the same job all our life. We may not even keep the same family. The time of working for one company until retirement is gone. Companies don’t want that and neither do employees.
It has also changed the way we see church. We don’t think of staying at the same congregation for our whole life. People are more willing to try different groups than they were before. That may mean we have a better opportunity to reach more people since they are more open. It also means we need to have something for them. What doesn’t change is Jesus. People devoted to Jesus should not change. We may not stay with the same congregation but our devotion to Jesus and to the word of God should remain the same. There is not a better savior.
The church is the people that Jesus died for as they follow Jesus and fulfill his word. For people to be part of the church they must have Jesus as their savior, but we also have to have something good of which they can be part. Each congregation described in scripture looks like and exciting place. The word of God is taught and worship with some of those early Christians must have been amazing. We are those Christians who find the power of grace and the word of God shared can be an amazing time of worship. In this time of change we have something worth keeping.
Friday, September 11, 2020

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