Worth the Price

How much does it cost? The chief priests must have discussed it at some point. Jesus had become such a problem to them. They could not take away his popularity with insults or traps. They had tried. They had sent their best lawyers and scholars to trap Jesus in his words. Jesus had always had an answer and their people had looked foolish. How would they remove Jesus? Since no legal or easy way was possible, they considered the cost of violence. It is usually a last resort, but it can be very effective.
Judas knew they were wanting an opportunity to deal with Jesus in private. They couldn’t find a time where he was not in front of the crowd and they certainly didn’t want witnesses for what they planned. Judas was with him all the time and could provide that information. It wasn’t like he would be part of the violence; he was simply offering access. Is it a sin just to let them know where they can find someone? They would figure it out eventually. He was given thirty pieces of silver before the event even happened. It was the only money that changed hands.
Thirty pieces of silver for a kiss. Judas would lead the solders into Jesus place of prayer. It cost the conscience of the chief priests and scribes. It cost the salvation of Judas and the condemnation of Pilate. The conscience and reason of the people disappeared as they shouted to crucify Jesus. They could not claim innocence or ignorance of the death of Jesus.
What is the cost of a relationship? It is not in the money that changes hands. It is more about the trust that develops and the honesty between people. The price is measured in time and attention invested. The price for Jesus was his death on a cross for the sins of the people. Jesus called disciples to follow him. They left their homes, and jobs in order to follow him. They would become Christians that told the world about the price of redemption. It is not thirty pieces of silver. It costs all you have and gives you redemption, adoption, forgiveness, grace and eternal life in heaven with God. Is it worth the price?   
Friday, August 7, 2020

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